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As promised two blogs ago, consumer empowerment continues...

Increasingly, when consumers demand more, we tend to get more…that is if we demand what we want loud enough. Companies tend to respond to being shamed…Not only that, but the good ones are busy proactively taking notes via social listening, and through dialogue that digital technology facilitates. The changes, I think reflect an organic demand for authenticity, more dialogue and products that reflect consumers.

Truth is, marketing and public relations has evolved, it’s not only about giving to charity, great ads, media buying and sales projections. Companies recognized the need to also fulfill a brands purpose in society, how it is going to make consumers’ life better is now the subject of consideration for them.

Whether we want to notice it or not, we have been empowered by different brands to make our choices in a way that has revolutionised shopping. Amazon and other major brands, for example, have used big data through their ratings and review system on their site to empower shoppers. So much so that before any purchase, we have the benefit of insight on how this product improved the life of someone else (or not).

Similarly, Nike is making its attempt at bettering our lives with their belief that we can all find greatness within and become better through balancing our lives with physical activity. Not only are they selling the gears to facilitate this but they also have the free app with this vision in mind, using real athletes to teach its customers how to train like athletes with “Nike Plus”.

Fender, a company that makes of state-of-the-art musical instruments such as basses, guitars, amplifiers and other equipment, created Fender University, an aspect of the business that teaches customers (who care to learn) how to get the best out of their products and become better musicians in the process.

Closer to home we can point to JMMB, with their Her Wealth Seminar focused on the reproductive journey; National Commercial Bank, with their Hackathons are clearly focusing on the area of technology; while Sagicor via the Sigma Walk Run focus their efforts in healthy living through physical activity.


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