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Online Presence: What do you communicate?

Perception is reality. What someone sees on the web, whether social media or otherwise about you colours their perception of who you are. It doesn’t matter who you REALLY are, it just matters how you are perceived and this is largely due to what you are communicating. If you want to be perceived in a particular way, then you must be mindful of what you say and what photographs of yourselves you choose to post or the things you choose to share. Here are some simple things you can consider in relation to how you are perceived online.

Separate profiles

If you want to believe you have a two dimensional personality and you wish for the world to know both, separate them: professional and personal. While gorgeous swimsuit shots of you may be ok for your friends and family to see, your future employer may not necessarily find it acceptable. When you think you are communicating “fun loving person” with said swimsuit shots or of you taking shots (of say, tequila), they may see “irresponsible playgirl”. Yes we are in the 21st century, but most of the people in charge of recruitment, for example human resource managers, head-hunters etc. tend to be old-school so consider this when posting.

Mind Your Grammar

We have all erred with our spelling on social media at one time or another. I certainly have. But it is important to keep this at a minimum. It’s rather awkward when you read the post of someone you know and or admire and there is a spelling error. Don’t you feel a little embarrassed for them? I do. And the opposite is also true. Sometimes even if the person is a complete stranger, I message them and alert them to the error, it’s the kind thing to do. That said, be careful with the grammar. Get a Zabaware Text-to-Speech Reader if you need to, but get it right.

Don’t talk/rant about work

This is the oldest rule in the book. Don’t rant about your current job or boss on social media, not only is it a bad reflection on you, buy its in poor taste generally. Ranting on the whole, I think, is in poor taste. Call a friend who is willing and able to listen to your complaints! Failure to do this may result in you appearing unhinged…and you don’t want that.



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