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Research, Boost and Engage


Social media takes work. Understanding who your community may be considered the hardest part by many, but knowing what they want will also prove to be a challenge. Hence, research via social listening and other mechanisms are paramount. Doing this will help you to understand what they are looking for in relation to content, it will indicate the content that performs best.

Try to get to know your audience before you try to feed them with information. It may be useful to test your content to see what sticks and what doesn’t. The content should be engineered for your specific audience. Don’t assume that everyone will be interested. Don’s take the “if you build it, they will come” approach or in social media terms, “if you post it, they will read/view”. Do some research before you start posting. I highly recommend, Google Adwords is also a great starting point.

Boost your posts

In the grand scheme of things paying an extra penny or two to boost a post can go a far way. It’s a satisfying feeling to see a post do well organically, but consider this, if it does well organically, imagine the potential reach if you give it a little boost. The extra $2-$10 USD on Facebook is well worth it, especially for small businesses or individuals.

Engage Influencers

All brands have a story to tell. But telling your own story is not as credible as someone else telling it for you and not just anyone, but someone who is considered an influencer in a particular sector. It would be of value for sector to try and engineer this over a period of time. Again, this information can be discovered via social listening. There are influencers in many sectors just looking for the opportunity to advocate for a profit, so why not find them and put some of your PR and marketing dollars where their mouth is.



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