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With influence comes responsibility?

Updated: Jul 24, 2018

Whenever I go to YouTube, I am provided with recommendations based on my past choices of videos. It would not be incorrect of you to assume that I am influenced by these people with whom I choose to spend time watching, I am influenced in many ways actually. From Brian Tracy, to Oprah, to Stephen Colbert, John Oliver, Trevor Noah, TED Talks, CNet, Patricia Bright… just to name a few.

But do these influencers have a responsibility to me, to provide me with content that will enrich my life as well as my viewing experience? Does Patricia Bright have a responsibility to be honest and completely forthcoming about the beauty products she features on her channel? Yes she does, in fact it is in her best interest to do so. Why?

Shared Value Creation: Influencers, whether YouTubers or Bloggers, must move beyond avoiding risk and building reputation to enhancing the products they offer to improve the lives of their viewers or consumers. This way, significant benefits will accrue on both sides. How? You create brand ambassadors by having great content; the business widens its reach online and by word of mouth; the possibility of subscription may be realised and eventually their bottom line will benefit – ergo, the value is shared.

Influencers and subscribers are happy!

While value creation is not always straight forward, it is important for influencers to think about aligning their business value with societal values. Using, as an example, the case of Patricia Bright again, make-up application may not be able to address world peace, but it does affect other areas of life that people struggle with daily, self-love and acceptance, so her channel can add even more value in that area.

This is the height of smart partnering, as mutually beneficial relationships with content consumers is more than a reasonable objective, it is also a smart way to ensure long term success.

My next blog will look at influence and popularity…what are they worth?


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