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ABOUT Kahmile

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Hi, I'm Kahmile Reid, Communication Strategist. 

I am a firm believer in the Lockean idea that we are born blank slates and we become good, bad, useful or ineffectual by virtue of the education we receive. I believe that knowledge and one's passions are the only things worth pursuing in life. "When you get, give...When you learn, teach..."


At the heart of communication is language, which is connected to human freedom. Language is also a medium of social connection among individuals. So, when a person is denied the expressions of language, such as reading and writing, they are cut off from one other in significant ways.


Ergo, I pride myself on being in the field of communication. Being one of the drivers behind social connection means I have a part to play in shaping my society. With the advent of social media, this can be done from any corner of the world, via an appropriate platform. We are all here for connection, let’s connect respectfully and purposefully. Ultimately, this is what this site is about! 


Welcome to the site! 

Feel free to drop me a line via this site.

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