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AI in PR: Prepare or Fear

Kahmile Reid gives her insights around a question to PR and Comms professionals: Are you going to be a "worrier" or a "warrior"?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) represents the ingenuity of humankind; the simplest example of how it is affecting journalism, marketing and PR is the fact that machines are writing articles for newswires like the Associated Press. But AI is not something public relations practitioners need to fear, rather it is something for which we need to prepare. In the words of Stella Byles in PR Digital Resolution, you can be a “worrier or a warrior” when it comes to innovations in AI. There are several ways to do this. I learn from my mentors and I try to pass on the knowledge via these articles, so here goes.

First and foremost, keep learning. Dedicate a few hours out of your day to learning what is happening in your industry. There are countless credible sites dedicated to providing PR professionals with information about and developments in the industry. Some great places to start include:

This is by no means an exhaustive list. Read as wide as you can.

Secondly, join the conversation. Joining the conversation will just be a natural extension of reading, so that goes without saying. Joining should ignite your curiosity and that will lead to the desire to incorporate what you have learnt in your day job. As a matter of fact it can revolutionize the way we work. The actionable intel that AI offers, if used correctly can be effective. Real time information via social listening which can help a company in a crisis situation filter data to respond to the crisis.

This leads me to my third point. Look for learning opportunities everyday, anywhere.

It doesn’t even have to be related to PR specifically. Think about the industry of your clients. Enrich your knowledge of their industries and find a connection. Attend seminars and webinars whenever the opportunity presents itself. This is the key to tapping into valuable networks you would not otherwise have accessed. I particularly encourage participation in webinars as they are cost effective and sometimes you may not even need to leave your desk. I’ve participated in dozens of webinars, not one of those webinars took place in Jamaica, but I participated from the comfort of my office. The good ones (most) send you the information presented at the end of the session and offers updates on upcoming ones.

My suggestions seem to be all knowledge centric, and that’s not by chance. This is how you will stand out, by what you know. Remember an expert is someone who knows more than you about a particular subject matter. So know your craft inside out, its past, its present and its future. This is also how you can become an expert in your field; this is how you future proof yourself.

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